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20180430 - Facade

120 / 365

There's a chap called Struffel on the Blender sub-reddit who has been making some excellent PBR textures and giving them away free as CC0 textures. He's got so good that he's set up a website for it and a Patreon page which I've been happy to support. As part of that, you get to sync a Google Drive of all the textures (currently 70GB!) so I've been trying to create a Python script to create the base materials in my Blender Asset Library.
Anyway - my script is sort of working, so here's one of the first materials I've put together. It's called Facade and it looks pretty good. I rendered out the building as a transparent PNG and added the 'long exposure' clouds in Photoshop.
Probably more effort than it's worth, but a good test anyway.



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