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20180417 - 2299

107 / 365

I've treated myself to a month's trial of CG Cookie's training site - mainly because I wanted to try their 'Shader Forge' series on making better Blender materials. It's an area I think I'm particularly weak in.
This is a silly picture for post 2299 of my project, testing five of the shaders: 2D Clip-Art Style, Procedural Leather, 3D-Printer Resin, Maple Syrup and a basic fabric material.
In retrospect, choosing text/numbers for this was a bad idea as they have awful topology (hence all those visible triangle faces near the edges) but it was only for a bit of fun.

Note to self: I think this demonstrates I'm not going mad and sometimes this new 2.79b version is inverting the bump. The leather texture appears 'dimpled' rather than 'bubbled'. I've noticed this before on the Artefact render just after I upgraded to the 'b' bugfix version. The rear wall appears indented there too.

Artefact render:


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