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20180329 - End of an Era. Again.

88 / 365

Very much a diary shot.

31st Jan 2014, we all got kicked out of our old office and moved here.
Today, they kicked us out of this place too.
I've never really got on with this office. The desk was never the right height. There are bars on the windows and all the doors are an inch and a half thick metal. It felt like working in a nuclear silo.

I won't be moving with the others to Portsmouth. It's too far for me to travel everyday. So today marks the end of my life as an official office worker. From now on, I'm a 'flexible worker' who is home-based. As I haven't been to the office in months, I'm not sure I'll notice the difference... until my laptop breaks.

Bye bye Millbrook. You were rubbish.

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