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20180414 - Kurt's Testimonial

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A few shots from a very silly evening at Basingstoke ice rink.
It was the testimonial game celebrating Kurt Reynolds' ten years as a Bison.
Much drinking on the pad and general silliness ensued. There were lots of old faces on the ice - and some very, very young ones. One ref spent the whole evening in John Lennon sunglasses. The other pushed the net off to stop someone accidentally scoring the 7th goal (which had to be scored by #7 ... a Mr Kurt Reynolds). Karps inexplicably ended up in goal for the third period and Tony Hand got an assist without even being in the county.

A very fun evening at the rink... which I hope won't be our last one.

Basingstoke BisonKurt Reynolds TestimonialSigmaSigma 50150mm f2.8 EX DCSonySony a6300Sony α6300a6300bihepihlice hockeyice rinknihlα6300

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