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20180726 - Redbridge

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Went to see a rather odd version of The Taming of the Shrew tonight. It was sort of Flanders and Swann meets ... I don't know what. I've never seen the 'shrew' tamed nevermind utterly broken to the point of numbness. Seemed an odd and tone-deaf choice, but there you go.

Afterwards we went for a frappe thingy at McDonalds and drove down to the causeway at Redbridge. We had a bit of a wander onto the original 17th century bridge to look across at the newer ones to discover there is now a walkway under them. A further wander ensued - in seriously impractical footwear - more of which may appear tomorrow. :)
There are sooooo many different types of light in the vicinity.

The bridge this was taken from back in 2014:

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